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Yesterday and today, new children were born to the island!

So we have Bread and Warren’s second child named Butter whose as beautiful as his brother and Silvia and Delmar’s second child named Marcelo! He’s a cutie and his brother Tristan already visited him!

Yep. He’s very accurate to SpaceHamster.





Not the story. I was expecting you to get angry after not doing what you wanted me to do.

Deadlox’s attempt to be a little shit ends in failure.


Anonymous said: have u done a pot-less donnel before??

yep !! i couldnt rly get his hair right tho?? (●︿●✿)

Hairstyles! (*´▽`*)

By the way, later on I’ll be posting a lot of old Tomodachi Life screenshots.

As a reminder, if you don’t want to see those, you can always blacklist the tag “Tori plays Tomodachi Life”

Since i’m sure Benten would like to see more pictures of her Mii in Tomodachi Life, here’s the dream she had where she was a magical girl a.k.a Brigitte from Tokyo Mew Mew.

Her fairy is Megan.

So sometimes your Mii will have a dream where they are a hula person on the dashboard. The dream in a nutshell has two other random Miis driving in the car and eventually they stop where the one driving will say something random to the other.

I remember once I got Adriana and Benten in the dream and…

… And…

Dammit Benten. You stopped the car for this.

pimfinity asked: W, H, Y! :P
Oh you so clever.
W - 5 favorite characters from 5 different fandoms. I’m not sure if it wants small lists of fives for five fandoms or just one character from five fandoms. … So I’mma do the former.
Dangan Ronpa
1. Kiyotaka Ishimaru
2. Kyouko Kirigiri
3. Gundam Tanaka
4. Chiaki Nanami
5. Ibuki Mioda
1. Aradia Megido
2. Jade Harley
3. Roxy Lalonde
4. Sollux Captor
5. Wayward Vagabond/The Mayor
MC YouTubers
1. Bodil40
2. Ssundee
3. CaptainSparklez
4. Setosorcerer
5. ChimneySwift
Fire Emblem Awakening
1. Lon’qu
2. Ricken
3. Gregor
4. Nah
5. Laurent
Animal Crossing
1. Maple
2. Tangy
3. Limberg
4. Broccolo
5. Francine
H - Do you prefer characters from real action series or anime series?
My answer is mostly based on the fact I don’t watch many real life acted things. But even then, I do prefer animated/anime characters. Though I prefer the natural hair colors real life characters have.
Y - A fandom you’re in but have no ships from.
… Yeah I don’t think I have one. … Except maybe Sherlock considering how I haven’t seen much of John’s soon to be wife and I have yet to succumb to Johnlocke.

I remember that time McJones gave me some funny and terrifying facial expressions after I fed him peanuts.

a.k.a the raw form of his brother.


this is so vibrant i love it





repeat after me

a ship doesnt have to be canon to fucking ship it

now say it with me

a ship being canon doesn’t mean people have to like it

and finally

not all ships need to be canon and if you harass producers/writers/actors about your ship you’re a dick

Super relevant.


This is my favorite FE13 fanwork.

Inigo & Inigo by Sukesou
(Japanese links: Doujin, Artist)

Note: The original was posted in one part, but since there are over a hundred pages, I decided that posting them in the body of two separate pages may make it easier to view/read.
Part 1
Part 2

Scanlated with permission. (Permission Letter)

Read right to left. Translation notes here. (Beware, spoilers!)

If you liked this, please leave a like on the original pixiv listing so the original artist knows that her work is loved! ‘v’