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THIS IS IMPORTANT. Take a dollar and get a freaking card and send it to this kid. Heck MAKE ONE. Take 2 minutes to do something good and humanish today people. PLEASE I AM ASKING YOU TO DO THIS.



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my dad just got a goat

so is he trying to replace you with another kid?

Oh yeah. I also don’t like the conclusion to the first trial.

What is this? Total Drama?


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Wait what’s going on?

Why did they start already? Why aren’t they waiting for everyone else to gape in horror. And Herobrine why aren’t you being a little shit!?

By the way, I’ve been relistening to Weird Al’s Word Crimes song lately.

Guess what this fanfiction has?



●ロンパ1・2log● by じっ/ぽ/通販
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist

Oh so THAT’S why something happened in such a short period of time!

It’s a Dangan Ronpa/MC YouTuber fanfiction based off the anime.

… Gooooood…

There’s only been three chapters.


If I had to predict the time in story… It hasn’t even been a day. … Wow.


What a bunch of shoobies. Another thing whipped up in time for Avcon, wooo!

BTW, the funniest thing I can see from this Dangan Ronpa/MC YouTubers fanfiction on Wattpad is the fact that the cast is almost EXACTLY like who me and Lex chose for Dangan Crafted.

The only exceptions are Double and Kermit who are instead Nooch and AntVenom.

… And typing this I think I realized why Ant might be there… I can’t confirm this but I have my suspicions…