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It’s been a while since I made a kind of huge Minecraft Youtubers project. I haven’t done one since January with the Herobrine picture.

But anyways. This is my newest picture!

I remember once reading from Sky’s channel, I think it was? When he labelled his friends, he labelled them as “Team Crafted” (one of them was his Gaming Channel though and the other was the Machinma thing) and I think I can basically see this as “official” ish because of the tumblr blog of “Team Crafted Daily”.

I’m… okay with this except I’m not too fond of certain parts.  I was thinking of adding items to this actually, but I couldn’t find a good enough small picture for each of them and I have no the scaling tool on the program I use absolutely sucks.

Overall, this is okay. I still like how it came out.  I can do without the space in between though but whatever.

That’s all I have to say.

Until the next update!

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