Hey there friend! My name is Tori and welcome to my tumblr blog! This is a multi-fandom blog which also includes some real life things, my dumb ramblings and sometimes my art! But I mostly reblog stuff. I follow the tag "torihoshigirl" That's all I gotta say. Until the next update!

With my drawings I need a lot of practice.  And for me, I don’t draw block people like everyone else because I’m unable to and I draw people a LOT. I’m not saying others are bad, they are amazing! I’m just saying I’m very different.

So I was thinking to myself that I needed to work with things such as heights.  Because if I’m gonna be drawing them like regular people, may as well give them regular heights, right? … I don’t know. That’s just my thought.

I have a strange mind.

But yeah. Here are my headcanons of how tall each of the people in Team Crafted are via MINECRAFT SKINS. I’m almost sure that this isn’t the case IRL. So yeah. That’s all I really have to say.

And yes, I did include Kermit anyways even if he is no longer apart of Team Crafted since it just felt… natural.

Alright. Until the next update!

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